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Recently I had the good fortune to attend 4 very different concerts. The first one was Maroon 5.  This was a such a good show.  Adam Levine is very hot and that man can sing!  The back drop had beautiful scenery that changed.  When they sang “daylight”, the back drop went from night time to a beautiful sunrise.  It was such a fun time and a great girls night out!

The 2nd show I went to was Matchbox 20.  I had great seats for this show!  Rob Thomas and the boys did not disappoint.  They played almost all of the hits and many of the songs off their newest album.  Once again..a great show!

The 3rd show was Muse.  I have never seen such a visually stunning concert.  They had a giant pyramid like structure made of screens and lights that extended from the ceiling.  The entire stage was circled by screens and the whole thing was extremely beautiful.  The music was awesome too.  When they sang Madness they had an amazing light show while the lead singer wore sunglasses that flashed the words to the song on them.  It was great!

The last concert I saw a couple of days ago.  It was the best of all of them.  It was Bon Jovi!!  Bon Jovi is my favorite band and the show was amazing!  They had no opener and played for close to three hours playing 30 years of their music.  They played new music too.  There are no words for how good this show was.  I was sorry when it was over!!

Coming up in  2 weeks I am going to the Kid rock show and then in May I will be going to Rock on the Range… I cant wait!!

Tonight I needed to d some painting in my condo.  The colors on a lot of the walls are kind of ugly.   So I bought a bunch of paint.  The kitchen used to be orange but now it is going to be a deep burgundy red.  The pictures I have do not do it justice.  Tonight, I only painted behind where the appliances are going to be because those are being delivered friday.  Saturday my friends are coming over to help me paint more.


I have seen a few movies recently that I should comment on.

First I saw Rock of Ages.  If i think of it as a standalone movie and pretend like i never saw the broadway show then i really liked it.  It was cheesy in a 80s musical kind of way and that was good.  I loved Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin’s characters.  Russell Brand can really sing!!.  The guy who played Drew was hot but he was no Constantine (Maroulis who played Drew on Broadway)  if you have seen the broadway show, they change the story a lot.  Stacee jaxx is not the horrible washed up rock star that he was in the play.  All in all it was very entertaining. 

Then i saw the Avengers.  This was a really great movie.  I absolutely love Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man.  He has such a great sarcastic wit.  Chris Hemsworth as Thor is one of the Hottest men on the earth!  Even his brother LoKi as a bad guy is sexy!  But the movie is just about the sexy and sarcastic men in it.. I love the way the team comes together and finds when they need to.  I hope if you see the movie you stay.  During the credits there is one little part and then way after the credits there is another small funny thing that happens.  Great movie! 

Next I saw Seeking a Friend for the end of the world.  This movie was borderline good for me.  Some parts were really funny and some parts were really poignant.. but a lot of it was very slow.  From an artsy perspective it was a neat look at what might happen if everyone knows the world is ending and when  but from an entertainment standpoint.. the slow parts dragged it down.  I love steve Carrell but he was basically playing the same character that he played in Dan In Real Life.  The real star was Keira Knightly.  She got to play something she never gets to play:  the carefree cute almost hippie chick.  It really suited her.  She looks like a cross between Olivia Wilde and Natalie Portman.  I would say if you liked the movie Dan in Real Life, you will probably like this movie.

Lastly, just this weekend, i saw the Amazing Spiderman.  Now I am jumping on the spiderman bandwagon a little late because i never saw of the Tobey Macguire spiderman movies.  I probably would like them, i just never saw them.  I like in this new movie how spiderman is in high school and it shows how he deals with becoming spiderman and mixes in his real life too.  This movie is very good.  Even my friend who does not like superhero movies liked this one!

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